Ranch Systems hardware systems provide wireless data collection, monitoring, and irrigation/water transfer system controls in agricultural and environmental applications.

TerrAvion + Ranch Systems

Ranch Systems is an established high-technology company focused on wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications. Ranch Systems manufactures telemetry devices and internet software that brings your fields to your fingertips.  

About Ranch Systems

RanchMaster includes a complete weather station solution that provides accurate, continuous, real-time recording of temperature, relative humidity, wind, rain, solar radiation, and leaf wetness. Its built-in analytical features include disease indices, degree days, chill portions, and wet bulb. 

RanchMaster offers an efficient and dependable way to measure soil moisture continuously and in real-time at multiple levels and at several points in a property. The data can be used to schedule irrigation in conjunction with Irrigation Control and/or trigger alerts on critical moisture levels. 

Ranch Systems offers an effective and reliable way to address these challenges by managing the full cycle of irrigation, from valve activation through water flow measurement to soil moisture tracking.  The system can be used only for measurement and monitoring, or can be used to activate valves for remote irrigation control or irrigation scheduling.

Ranch Systems products are ideal for remote monitoring and control of pumps, whether electric or engine-driven. The solutions range from simple on-off monitoring using a pressure transducer to complete monitoring of engine statistics and start/stop of engine. 


End-user controlled display allows you to easily build custom dashboards to display important sensor data in one place.

Data gathered by the base station, nodes, and sensors is transmitted to a secure  data center for real-time viewing

Tile and graph widgets are easily resized and moved to generate the best user experience., 

Ranch Systems MyRanch
Ranch Systems MyRanch
Ranch Systems MyRanch

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