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Fruition Sciences uses innovative and connected tools and data science to help winegrowers and viticulturist save time, energy, and resources while achieving their vineyard production goals or objectives such as grape quality and yield.

About Fruition Sciences

Fruition Sciences offers a state of the art web platform : 360viti. Fruition Sciences also provides vineyard monitoring services directly integrated on 360viti.

360viti enables wine professionals to save time and to be more precise by compiling and analyzing multiple variables at once. A priceless tool for winegrowers.

360viti is a web platform to manage, secure, and enhance agronomic decisions in viticulture.

360viti stores all data in one place. Its features allow winegrowers to precisely analyze the effects of the environment and management practices on vineyard health. 

360viti makes it easy for users to connect and upload data from many sources and centralizes and presents it in the form of clear dashboards, maps and graphs. Data sources can include measurements and readings from vineyard sensors, laboratory analysis, aerial maps or maps from remote and proxy detection, field surveys, disease and weather models. 

Customers of 360viti can recognize patterns in their vineyard using TerrAvion aerial imagery along with all the other data they have integrated on the platform.

Uses and benefits are multiple: quicker and more reliable decisions, better anticipation and organization of field operations, fine tune harvest strategy, better use of fertilizers, treatments, and water.

360viti license choice depends on how many weather and data providers you need to connect and how well you want the platform to be customized to fit your needs.

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