FieldX + TerrAvion The TerrAvion + FieldX integration allows FieldX users to display their TerrAvion high-resolution imagery in their GeoNotes account.

TerrAvion + FieldX

FieldX® is an independent agricultural software platform that is used for collecting, managing, and sharing millions of field records and pest observations on over 13 million acres in the US and Canada each year.  The TerrAvion + FieldX integration allows FieldX users to display their TerrAvion high-resolution imagery in their GeoNotes account.

About FieldX

The FieldX Platform includes Mobile, PC, and Web apps, which are all connected through FieldVault®, our secure and private recordkeeping cloud system.

Soil sampling work orders can be created, and the Sampling app can be used to navigate to the points in the field. The samples can then be sent to any lab of your choosing.

Field activities are recorded in an electronic journal. Examples of journal entries that can be created include Planting, Scouting, Recommendations, Treatment, Irrigation, Field Operations, GeoNotes, Sampling, and Harvest entries.

All field records can be shared between consultants and their growers. The consultant can share scouting observations and recommendations with their grower, and the grower can share planting, treatments, and harvest data with the consultant.

TerrAvion high-resolution imagery can be displayed in the FieldX GeoNotes app, allowing the user to navigate directly to trouble spots in the field and efficiently document issues with photos and notes.

The FieldX Irrigation WebApp is used to graphically display data from in-field sensors, and create irrigation recommendations and reports.


Navigate to specific locations using high-resolution TerrAvion Imagery.

FieldX Features

Collect and email geo-referenced notes and photos from the GeoNotes app.



FieldX Features

Collect field data and generate professional reports on-line and offline.


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