TerrAvion + Farm Dog

Farm Dog helps growers and consultants save time in the field, improve team communication, and create a digital record of scouting activities via its award-winning pest and disease management software.

About Farm Dog

TerrAvion customers now have access to the award-winning Farm Dog platform. Take your TerrAvion insights directly into the field with you and then record field observations via Farm Dog in a professional manner. Be on the cutting edge with your growers while saving time.

Users can sign up to Farm Dog via the Apple or Android app stores or on the Farm Dog  website.  Pricing is monthly and depends on how the user would like to utilize the platform, with a free option also available.

Share field observations easily with your team.  You can send field reports via email or utilize the automatic, mobile-cloud sync so everybody can view observations in real-time.

Save time scouting your fields. View full field history, log new observations with a simple tap, no need to write things out. Add notes, photos, GPS markers, and even your path in the field.


When you begin scouting, Farm Dog’s award-winning platform saves you time and makes communicating with your team quick and easy with full offline functionality.

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  TerrAvion Color, Infrared, Standard Vigor, Dynamic Vigor, Thermal, and Zoning imagery layers are all available within the Farm Dog app on both iOS and Android.

Easily view aerial imagery from your mobile device while you’re out in the field to guide your scouting.

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We’d love to talk to you about creating an integrated solution for our joint customers. TerrAvion prides itself on having an open API and remains committed to working with partners to develop better precision agriculture tools. Display processed maps inside your application, or pull raw data from us to create your novel indices.


TerrAvion, the largest subscription aerial imagery provider for agriculture

TerrAvion is an essential part of the aviation and telecommunications infrastructure supporting the food supply. Just like the agronomists and growers we support, TerrAvion is operating through the outbreak. North American flight services are already in progress as planned. To read the message from Robert Morris, Founder and CEO of TerrAvion regarding TerrAvion’s response on COVID-19, click here.

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