Farmbox + TerrAvion Farmbox is the complete farm management solution right out of the box.

TerrAvion + Farmbox

Farmbox is the complete farm management solution right out of the box. Farmbox helps you and your team to control your operations from planting to harvesting. Their solutions and their service go hand in hand with your productivity. Your growth is their growth.

About Farmbox

Farmbox is a product of Checkplant, a company that has been developing technologies for agricultural management for 13 years.

Simple and reliable system for monitoring your crops. Understand how pests, diseases and weeds are behaving throughout your fields.

 Farmbox is one of Checkplant’s newest products that started with a strong focus on identifying and georeferencing the first occurrences of insect pests in the crop and measures the densities of the infestations with greater accuracy before expanding into a whole farm management system.

The Farmbox app offers advanced tools and features designed to help you precisely track your inventory. You’ll always know how much you spent throughout the entire season.


Plan according to the history of each field and the inputs to be used. Have track input prices to buy better, and know in real time how much you are spending.

Track rainfall and navigate weather patterns to find the best window for planting.


Build quick yet accurate field prescriptions, set timing of sprays and address issues while staying under budget.


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We’d love to talk to you about creating an integrated solution for our joint customers. TerrAvion prides itself on having an open API and remains committed to working with partners to develop better precision agriculture tools. Display processed maps inside your application, or pull raw data from us to create your novel indices.


TerrAvion, the largest subscription aerial imagery provider for agriculture

TerrAvion is an essential part of the aviation and telecommunications infrastructure supporting the food supply. Just like the agronomists and growers we support, TerrAvion is operating through the outbreak. North American flight services are already in progress as planned. To read the message from Robert Morris, Founder and CEO of TerrAvion regarding TerrAvion’s response on COVID-19, click here.

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