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We power digital agronomy at scale

Data to power your digital agronomy program

TerrAvion is the largest volume subscription aerial imagery for agriculture provider in the U.S.A. Our service powers digital agronomy at scale. If you want the best image data, you need to use TerrAvion imagery.

TerrAvion data services are designed to power digital agronomy programs. 

Our services have the features and benefits you need to successfully implement a digital agronomy program:

    • Bands and products to drive meaningful decisions
    • Functional image data resolution to see every row
    • Schedules and services to show every agronomic event for your crop
    • Access how, when, and where you need it
    • Reliability to run your digital program at the scale of agriculture

Bands and products

TerrAvion’s core product is a package of high-resolution imagery products, including Synthetic Color, Infrared, Pansharpened Thermal, Thermal, Natural Color, and various vegetation index products, delivered to our customers on weekly schedules. 

TerrAvion Synthetic Color

Synthetic color gives field agronomists and artificial intelligence systems the highest resolution view, in a color space that they understand.

Vigor indices measure the chlorophyll density of the plant, or plant health. They are used in many decisions such as fertility, fungicide, PGR, herbicide, and other input decisions, especially in variable rate application.

Pansharpened thermal shows row level structural data with the thermography so that water, irrigation, and transpiration anomalies can be pinpointed.

TerrAvion Infrared

Infrared | <10 cm

Color Infrared (CIR) is used to show image analysts and certain software programs plant health in a picture style format.

TerrAvion NDVI Zoning

Variable Rate Application Zones
- User Specified -

Make a variable rate application map from your TerrAvion data with our one field zone creator.  Specify equipment size, number of zones, and material rate.  Download and upload into your variable rate controller.

TerrAvion USDA SURRGO soil Map

USDA Soil Map

Public domain soil information which adds context and can be displayed as a mask over the imagery.

TerrAvion Natural Color

Natural Color | < 35 cm

A downward facing camera view, what the pilot sees from the plane. Used to verify to what is seen in other image data layers.

TerrAvion Thermal

Thermal | 2.85 m

Calibrated thermography. The best irrigation issue detection in the industry.  Used by our partners  to make crop water stress index.

TerrAvion NDVI Zoning Layer

Designed to show plant health by area  where there is an open canopy. Ignores soil values to avoid the effects of averaging dirt with plants you get in satellite or low resolution imagery.

Schedules that deliver data when you need it

Simple, easy to understand, weekly flight schedules in every region during the growing season to make sure you have the data you need at every agronomic event. Our new flight schedules are simple, weather-permitting weekly flights in all regions.


TerrAvion offers the following flight services:

    • Standard
    • Premium
    • One-shots
    • Historicals
Accessing your imagery

TerrAvion makes your data available when and where you need it. We process our data overnight after it is captured and make it available through our API, web, and mobile applications. We license our data under the most permissive license of every commercial remote sensing provider we have benchmarked.


TerrAvion is an API first company.  We deliver our own web and mobile imagery viewer through our API, so that our partners know they can have confidence in building on our infrastructure.  Our API lets partners save on storage costs, place order from their applications, and return web tiles from on the fly band math instructions. our product is available as web tiles, GeoTIFFS and other formats. If you are a developer, check out our API information here.


Powering your agronomy program

Reliability benchmarked and tested against the wettest year in the history of the United States.

Straight-forward pricing
Strongest service level agreement in the industry
Improved performance

Fleet-wide analytic performance

Custom sensor and R&D available in some regions

We also offer an open API integration. We have many integrated partners and are compatible with a number of other platforms. Partnered mobile applications can pull and cache data through the OverView API.

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TerrAvion, the largest subscription aerial imagery provider for agriculture

TerrAvion is an essential part of the aviation and telecommunications infrastructure supporting the food supply. Just like the agronomists and growers we support, TerrAvion is operating through the outbreak. North American flight services are already in progress as planned. To read the message from Robert Morris, Founder and CEO of TerrAvion regarding TerrAvion’s response on COVID-19, click here.

TerrAvion Pansharpened Thermal

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