TerrAvion is the largest volume subscription aerial imagery for agriculture provider in the U.S. We fly fixed winged manned aircraft; no drones, no satellites. TerrAvion’s core product is a 13-15 flight per season imagery subscription with a combination of weekly and bi-weekly image deliveries for commodity crops. We provide a package of high-resolution imagery products, including a natural color, infrared, thermal and vegetation index products, to our customers on a weekly and bi-weekly schedules.



18cm/pixel RGB image. This is the same kind of image you would take with your camera, what your eye would see from a plane. Can be used to spot plant growth variability, but also is valuable as a reference for multispectral and/or thermal imagery. RGB images are hard to process, and for this reason, most imagery companies do not include them in their product offerings.

18cm/pixel. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a remote sensing index used to detect plant vigor and stress, leaf area, biomass, etc. It compares the amount of red light to the amount of infrared light being reflected at any point. Plants are uniquely efficient at reflecting light in a way that increases the value of this ratio. Healthy vegetation (chlorophyll) reflects more near-infrared (NIR) and green light compared to other wavelengths.


18cm/pixel infrared image. Imagery produced as a result of sensing electromagnetic radiations emitted or reflected from a given target surface in the infrared position of the electromagnetic spectrum (approximately 0.72 to 1,000 microns). Color Infrared images show vegetative area because nearly every plant reflects infrared light at a constant rate.


2m/pixel thermal image. Thermal images show variation in temperature across any given field. These temperature variations are often indicators of soil moisture Thermal images are the foundation of most water-stress indexes.


TerrAvion also provides a USDA SSURGO Soil Map feature that can overlay any TerrAvion map layer. Soil map data provides further context to imagery to help growers understand what is happening in their fields and why.

TerrAvion’s in-app NDVI Zoning tool allows users to make management zone maps from their high-resolution NDVI imagery. Growers can use these maps to make guide planting and application actions to ensure their inputs are going to the precise location where they are going to be most effective on any given day.

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TerrAvion offers multiple ways to get access to your data. Our TerrAvion OverView web interface is the best way to view your data.  Here you can view your data with all of our tools and features. Learn more about the many features of our OverView platform here.

We know that you aren’t at your desk all day. In addition to our web portal, OverView offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Growers can check their imagery in the field, and accurately pinpoint and address problems to prevent loss of yield.

We also offer API integrations with are connected partners and are compatible with a number of other platforms. 3rd-Party partnered mobile applications can pull and cache data through the OverView API. For more information about our connected partners and compatible apps, click here.

additional product specs

TerrAvion provides imagery in bands and indices relevant to agronomic decisions. We provide color and near-infrared data at a resolution that is sufficient to see each vine in a vineyard. The average turnaround time for all imagery products is 11.2 hours

TerrAvion produces these products using sensors capturing the following spectra divided into the channels shown.

TerrAvion is proud to announce our median delivery rate was 100% for 2017. For most of our customers, the subscription plan covers the agronomic events they want to see from the air. However, it is common that weather or other factors impede TerrAvion from being able to capture every image on the schedule. For this reason, our product is backed by our SLA. It is our belief that given the schedule we offer in combination with the SLA, every customer will have the imagery they need at the times they need it. Click here for more information on suboptimal image deliveries.

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