Pacific Northwest
2019 Flight Schedules

TerrAvion offers the following five flight packages in the Pacific Northwest.
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Pacific Northwest

For 2019, TerrAvion will be offering three regular subscription packages for the Pacific Northwest (PNW); a 24 flight high-intensity package, a 14 flight low-intensity package, and a 16 flight summer annual crop package. There is also a winter wheat plan available

PNW High-intensity Plan

The PNW high-intensity flight plan consists of 24 flights and is designed to accommodate the imagery data needs of the region’s high-intensity crop growers who require a high frequency of image deliveries throughout the season. The plan consists of an early season image between the end of March and early April followed by one bi-weekly image. Weekly image deliveries start in May and run through the beginning of September, at which point three bi-weekly cycles conclude the season.

PNW Low-intensity Plan

The PNW low-intensity flight plan consists of 15 bi-weekly flights starting in April and running through the middle of October. This plan is designed for growers who don’t require weekly image deliveries.

PNW Summer Annual Plan

The PNW summer annual flight plan consists of 16 flights. The plan starts with one bare soil image in late March/early April and picks up with weekly cycles starting in late May and running through the end of October.

PNW Winter Wheat Plan

The 2019 PNW flight plan consists of 4 monthly flights occurring in March (Top Dress Evaluation), April (Pre-fungicide), May (Fungicide Evaluation), and June (Harvest). This program is supplemented by Sentinel 2 satellite imagery throughout the season, provided as made available by Sentinel.

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