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OverView, TerrAvion’s imagery delivery platform, is sold on a per acre basis for the complete growing season. We provide tailored subscription packages for each region we operate in. This provides the best value for the specific crops grown in your area. Due to our operational model, our price per acre per season might be substantially more affordable than you think. 


TerrAvion offers the following services in its coverage zones:

    • Standard flight services: suitable for most uses
    • Premium flight services: when extra data is needed
    • Other services
        • One-Shots
        • Historicals
        • Advanced sensors

The high-resolution image delivery services, like One-Shots and Historicals are available when you need data outside our flight schedules. The One-Shots are individual image capture attempts that, for example, can be used outside of our regular coverage zones. The One-Shots are charged per acre imaged. Fill in the form below to get more information.



TerrAvion captures images continuously while in air. All these images are stored for the day that you might need them, we call them Historicals. There is a good chance we have data available for your acres that have not been subscribed before.  Interested to learn more? Complete the form below.


Flight schedules  with advanced sensors are available. Please complete the form below so we can make your image data needs a reality.

Learn about our flight schedule for your acres:

Coverage zones

TerrAvion offers image subscription services in North and South America. For more details about our flight schedules in your region, scroll down to see the schedules for the various regions below.  If you need imagery outside of the regions mentioned, complete the form below.

North America

High-resolution aerial image delivery is available for the Continental United States and the highlighted areas of Canada. To allow for maximum flexibility, the exact coverage areas will be determined in February 2020 and based on demand.

TerrAvion United States and Canada Flight Service Regions for agricultural image data to power digital agronomy

South America

For the 2020/2021 growing season, TerrAvion will capture high-resolution aerial imagery in Brazil, Paraguay and other regions. For the various crops, such as soybeans, cotton, sugarcane, and specialty crops, TerrAvion will be offering multiple flight schedules. For more details, click on the region of your interest or complete the form below.

In 2019/2020 growing season, TerrAvion will be capturing agricultural images in Brazil and Paraguay

Learn about our flight schedule for your acres:

Flight schedules

Flight schedules are optimized for crop, region, and growing season. We aim to deliver data for every agronomic event in a growing season to provide the largest ROI opportunity for you. To find more detailed information about each flight schedule for a specific crop, click on the buttons below. 

* N.A. refers to TerrAvion’s Canada and United States flight schedules

The TerrAvion flight team operates within flight cycles. A flight cycle is a number of days that depend of your particular flight subscription. During a flight cycle, our pilots and operations team will make several attempts to capture successful image data for your acres.

TerrAvion’s image data are delivered in TerrAvion OverView, our online platform and TerrAvion Mobile, our mobile app. Our image data is also integrated in our many partners products.

Overnight image delivery

TerrAvion delivers the processed image data to you through our API, the free OverView interface, or free TerrAvion Mobile the day after collection. 

You can use most web-connected devices to view your field data, including iPhones, Ipads, and Android devices. Whether you want to see your image data in OverView, one of our partner precision ag platforms, Google Earth, or a dedicated GIS program, our processing and image delivery has a fast turnaround time. 

The short delivery time means that you can be up early, viewing your image data and deciding what your next agronomic actions should be. Although OverView does not tell you what to do next; it will give you the information you need to make better operational decisions.

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TerrAvion is an essential part of the aviation and telecommunications infrastructure supporting the food supply. Just like the agronomists and growers we support, TerrAvion is operating through the outbreak. North American flight services are already in progress as planned. To read the message from Robert Morris, Founder and CEO of TerrAvion regarding TerrAvion’s response on COVID-19, click here.

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