TerrAvion partners with cloud agronomics for hyperspectral data

TerrAvion + Cloud Agronomics

By working with TerrAvion, Cloud Agronomics is able to provide comprehensive and industry-first insights such as NPK quantification, disease identification, and growth stage tracking. This information will allow growers and other customers to take effective action in a more timely manner, increasing their bottom line.


Cloud Agronomics and TerrAvion will be offering three types of services to meet the various analytical needs customers have:

  • Full Data Cube: For customers with in-house hyperspectral analysis capabilities, TerrAvion and Cloud Agronomics deliver complete hyperspectral datacubes along with 10 cm multispectral maps of fields.

  • Bespoke Signature Development: For a defined analytical need, Cloud Agronomics develops and sells a proprietary signature for a pathology or circumstance (e.g., a specific plant disease) based on data captured by TerrAvion. This proprietary data is particularly of interest to those who have chemistry or intervention that targets a particular pathology but do not have in-house analytical data.

  • Managed Platform Prototype (NPK recommendations): the Cloud Agronomics’ platform provides comprehensive insights and can be easily delivered to any other agricultural management platform to broaden existing precision agronomy programs.

About Cloud Agronomics

Cloud Agronomics is a geospatial imaging and analytics company, focused on providing next-generation agricultural insights on crop performance that changes the way the industry looks at crop yields, pricing, and other critical Agribusiness decisions.

Cloud Agronomics analytics engine can quantify NPK nutrient levels and detect diseases at scale, earlier than any other methodology, enabling real-time, proactive decision making. 

Delivering yield predictions by leveraging Cloud Agronomics’ proprietary crop performance dataset and industry-leading methodologies, they are building farm by farm, county by county, state by state, and country by country yield analyses — beginning with a focus on row crops.

Farm and pasture land has the capacity to sequester massive amounts of atmospheric carbon through the adoption of regenerative practices.  Cloud Agronomics analysis can verify and track soil carbon content — at the scale needed to fight climate change.


Take the micro-application of nutrients to a new level of actionability. Hyperspectral analysis can tell you the exact NPK levels present in each crop of your field.

Aerial hyper-spectral imagery with nutrien recommendations from Cloud Agronomics

Accurate and insightful disease recommendations at any time during the growing season so you can treat your fields effectively and efficiently and maintain your yield.

Disease map based on hyper-spectral imagery by Cloud Agronomics

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