2019 Flight Schedules

TerrAvion offers multiple flight packages in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
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2019 TerrAvion Flight Plan Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas


Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

The 2019 TerrAvion flight plan for Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas consists of 15 flights and is designed to accommodate the imagery data needs of the region’s growers at key points throughout the season including one bare soil and early emergence image in late May. A weekly flight cycle starts in early June for 13 weeks, to help with scouting and sampling as well as weed, fertility, soil, irrigation, pest, disease, and other issues throughout the season. The season ends with two flights during harvest running from the end of August through September. A part of South Dakota is included in this schedule.

High Plains Winter Wheat Plan

The 2019  High Plains Winter Wheat flight plan consists off four monthly flights occurring in March (Top Dress Evaluation), April (Pre-fungicide), May (Fungicide Evaluation), and June (Harvest). This program is supplemented by Sentinel 2 satellite imagery throughout the growing season, provided as made available by Sentinel.

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