About TerrAvion


Our CEO led the United States Army’s first drone platoon in Afghanistan. TerrAvion was founded on three main insights from this experience:

First, imagery is really, really powerful for people doing operations outdoors. It changes the way organizations work and lets leaders make their teams much more effective.

Second, anyone who can make use of imagery, is busy enough that they would be a fool to collect their own, especially with drones which are a pain to operate.

Finally, that what made imagery really useful wasn’t so much the image itself, but everything that went around it like price, speed of delivery, frequency of repetition, and who else could see the image.

TerrAvion has become a truly interdisciplinary team since then. We run the gamut from scientists and engineers, to operations professionals, to agriculture specialists. Our goal is deliver imagery that makes agriculture better.


TerrAvion is an image delivery service. Our core service is called OverView, which delivers subscription imagery, overnight, throughout the growing season. This allows growers to have a literal up-to-date picture of all of their fields as well as synthetic maps and analysis.

Our service works by TerrAvion contracting with flight providers, flying small planes, to fly a sensor that TerrAvion designs and integrates. TerrAvion plans and monitors the routes to ensure quality delivery. Our company’s technology is mostly around how to manage and process millions of acres a day, overnight, at very low cost.

We deliver our service first and foremost through our API (application programming interface–an end point for computers to talk to each other). Our own web and mobile software, as well as partner softwares, call this API to deliver maps and images to the client.

We view our job as abstracting away all the complexity and delivering maps that are ready to use so that growers can spend more time applying their expertise, more powerfully, and over a larger area.